Pressure transmitter for general applications. Model S, standard version. Model S, flush diaphragm. Electronic. Pressure Measurement. Page 1 of 6. WIKA. WIKA S and S pressure transmitters are precision engineered to fit most industrial pressure measurement applications. The compact, rugged design make. Buy WIKA Pressure Transmitters Part No. General Purpose, Type S, Industrial Pressure Transmitter, PSI MA, 1/2NPT DIN.

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Model S Superior pressure transmitter For general industrial applications. You can add any document from the download area to your wika pressure transmitter s-10 list. Wish list – Documents 0 There are currently no documents on your wish list.

Switch Temperature switches Thermometers with switch contacts Temperature controllers. High quality The robust s–10 turns the model S into a very high quality product, which even the most adverse environmental conditions cannot affect. Pressure, temperature and level measurement solutions from WIKA are components integrated in the business processes of our customers. Model S High-quality pressure transmitter Wika pressure transmitter s-10 general industrial applications.

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The rugged design wika pressure transmitter s-10 resistance to vibration, shock, wide temperature variations, RFI and other extreme environmental conditions that are typical of industrial and OEM applications. Performance and reliability is enhanced by the all stainless steel welded measuring cell that eliminates the need for soft sealing materials that may deteriorate over time. Model S Superior pressure transmitter For general industrial applications. Primary applications include process control wkka automation, hydraulics, pneumatics and machine controls.

It features a transmitfer good accuracy, a robust design and an exceptional number of variants, meaning it can be suited to the widest range of applications.

Additional products Electrical calibration instruments Engineered solutions Accessories. The maximum number of wika pressure transmitter s-10 entries was reached. Home Products Pressure Sensors Back to overview.

WIKA S pressure transmitters are precision engineered to fit most industrial x-10 measurement applications. The S comes with a standard threaded connection. Model DI Digital indicator with multi-function input For panel mounting, 48 x 24 mm. Additional products and accessories Diaphragm seals Valves and protective devices Diaphragm seal systems Wika pressure transmitter s-10 accessories Engineered solutions Electrical accessories.

Call to talk to our factory-trained sales team.

WIKA Tronic S and S Standard Industrial Grade Pressure Transducers at

The e-mail address is invalid. Model DI25 Digital indicator for panel mounting With multi-function input.

If you want to print a large file, download it to your PC first. Display Gas Density Indicators.


To do this, select the desired article in the table. To do this, select the desired language using the flag symbol.

Model S Flush pressure transmitter For viscous and solids-containing media. A wide range of electrical connection and process connection options are available to meet almost any requirement. Trade article Fundamentals of hydrostatic level measurement PDF.

Wika S10 Industrial Pressure Transmitters from Davis Instruments

The maximum number of 20 entries was reached. There are no internal soft wika pressure transmitter s-10 materials that may react with the media or deteriorate pessure time. Model S High-quality pressure transmitter For general industrial applications.

For measuring viscous fluids or media with solids that can clog an NPT connection, choose the flush diaphragm S model.