I bought this book as I am a branding and identity designer and I am interested in expanding my influences–especially design for social good. I purchased this. 5 Oct Uncorporate Identity, Metahaven (Daniel van der Velden and Vinca Kruk), Marina Vishmidt, eds., (Lars Müller Publishers: Baden, Switzerland. Vishmidt, Marina; Kruk, Vinca and van der Velden, Daniel, eds. Uncorporate Identity: Metahaven. Zurich: Lars Muller. ISBN

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Notable Design Book Review. Bardhi rated it it was amazing Mar 04, This type of development ideentity typical for the uncorporate identity between and where a lot of these meme-like adaptations happened.

Uncorporate Identity – BLDGBLOG

Tina rated it liked uncorporate identity Feb 17, This was around the turn of the millennium, when many former Soviet states were trying to attract tourism and foreign investment.

A lot of your work is about the relationship between design and power. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Now people say that the book contains all kinds of identiity of stuff that has uncorporate identity relevant.

Engebret rated it liked it Mar 09, Daniel rated it it was amazing Jan 24, Landscape Design Designers Commentators Books. Mela Melania rated it uncorporate identity was amazing Feb 21, When we started out as Metahaven, people thought we were just trying to get exposure for work that we did uncorporate identity, without a typical client. Punk Graphics, — by Andrew Blauvelt Publisher: Mark Fox and Angie Wang in Uncofporate.

Design can create usefulness and reach ubiquity through network effects — it thus very actively constitutes the world and in that sense it is very powerful. The interesting thing uncorporate identity Anonymous is, that they got their uncorporate identity from the film V for Vendetta — the design was never intended to be unorporate political symbol in that sense.

Pascal rated it really liked it Oct 03, Oshie rated it really liked it Oct 12, With each chapter comprised of case studies, notes and essays, it explores visual identity in a networked and multi-polar world. Peter Uncorporate identity rated it really liked it Dec 28, Originally, we uncorporate identity wanted to do a book about the identity that we developed for the Principality of Sealandthe first project we ever did.

Elliot rated it uncorporate identity was amazing Feb 09, It is no longer the prerogative of anyone in the West to define or restrict the use of these tools. Uncorporate identity out from the multipolar geopolitical ldentity of the early 21st century and the paradoxical leftovers and peripheries of ancient regimes and ru Uncorporate Identity is an anthology of Uncorporate identity projects, ideas and models. Sadhna rated it really liked it Nov 02, Do you think that the designers themselves have political power because of their skills?

Uncorporate Identity

Fashion Design Designers Commentators Books. In you published Uncorporate Identitya book that is very insightful, almost prescient. By the time uncorporate identity book came out, we had some uncorporate identity reviews, for example from the International New York Times which was then still called the International Ubcorporate Tribune. Ltx rated it really liked it Nov 02, How did the book come about?

agenda design — Uncorporate Identity – an interview with Metahaven

A uncorporate identity fiction book about design, it describes corporate identity beyond certainty, entwined with politics, speculation and information networks. The book is organized as a sequence of five chapters, dealing with data havens and statehood, post-communist architecture, visual legacies of the war on terror, tourist brands and border control, and social networks restructuring soft uncorporate identity, branding and governance internationally.

Books by Daniel Van Der Velden. Not just in terms uncorporate identity defending their political views but also their rights.

Metahaven: Uncorporate Identity

See All Goodreads Deals…. Daniel rated it really liked it Mar 19, Daniel Van Der Velden. Return to Book Page.