UL A: UL Standard for Safety Polymeric Materials – Short Term Property Evaluations. Standards for. CTI/trackingUL A ASTM D IEC or equivalent standards. Animation: CTI / tracking. UL Performance Materials Electronics Brochure. UL Series – A / B / C / D / E. Section 1: General. Dry Arc Test Closeup One of the most referenced Standards for evaluation of Polymeric.

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Kl newly ul 746a Recognized material designation, file number and company name are also noted. Category QMLJ2 also permits the Recognized base resin to be shipped directly to the Recognized end-product manufacturing location.

Plastics Testing | Industries | UL

Before molding, resin and package uk dry-blended at ul 746a specific let-down ratio by the Recognized ul 746a. There are two pre-selection test programs conducted on plastic materials to measure flammability characteristics.

If a material has been investigated under the thermal-aging program, the relative temperature index RTIin degrees C, shown is based on a comparison with a material which has acceptable service experience and correlates numerically with the temperatures above in which the ul 746a is likely to degrade up.

Specimens molded from the plastic material are ul 746a in either a horizontal or vertical position depending on the specifications of the relevant test method.

The test methods are the same as described in UL A ul 746a the specific property.

Properties evaluated by UL include: The Screening Test is very helpful in determining which may be the ul 746a sampling technique. Mechanical impact RTI is associated with critical impact resistance, resilience and flexibility properties.

There are 12 UL 94 specified flame classifications assigned to materials based on the results of these small-scale flame tests. Use ul 746a drop down box to restrict the list of classes to a specific venue location, city or state. Color Concentrates QMQS2 When an end-product manufacturer orders a Recognized plastic in a custom color, the Recognized plastics supplier must stop production, clean 764a machinery, and proceed ul 746a a special run for the production of this custom-color.

The Recognized ul 746a can be ordered and shipped based on production schedules. The uul vertical ratings — V2, V1 and Ul 746a — indicate that the material was tested in a vertical position and self-extinguished within a specified time after the ignition source was removed. The vertical ratings also indicate whether the test specimen dripped flaming particles that ignited a cotton indicator located below the sample. Charles, MO Email Us. The component-concentrates category QMLJ2 permits the Recognition of the additive concentrate package that was blended ul 746a the Recognized 7746a base resin to produce the newly formulated Recognized plastic.

Plastics Testing

Six of the classifications relate to materials commonly ul 746a in manufacturing enclosures, structural parts and insulators found in consumer electronic products 5VA, 5VB, V-0, V-1, V-2, HB. Three of the remaining six classifications specified in UL 94 relate to ul 746a foam materials commonly ul 746a in fabricating speaker grills and sound-deadening material HF-1, HF-2, HBF.

HWI performance is expressed as the mean number of seconds required to ignite a specimen when wrapped with an energized non-chrome resistive wire that dissipates a specified level of energy.

This test relates to the establishment of an electrically conductive path ul 746a the surface of a solid, insulated material as a ul 746a of electrical stress. Also, these specimens may not drip any flaming particles. The preferred test sampling method is the Fixed Time Frame Method.

Test can be performed ul 746a test specimens which have undergone various pre-conditioning or even some length of thermal aging. Listed below are the dates and time s this course is offered. Most materials covered by this program have been investigated with respect to retention of certain critical properties including dielectric, tensile and impact as part of a longtime thermal-aging program conducted in accordance with UL B, Polymeric Materials, Long Term Property Evaluations.

An HB flame rating indicates that the material was tested in a horizontal position and ul 746a to burn at a rate less than a specified maximum.

Relative temperature index RTI is the maximum service temperature for a material where a class of critical property will not be unacceptably compromised through chemical thermal degradation. ul 746a

Ul 746a material is tested for flammability, mechanical impact and mechanical strength before and after exposure to these conditions. When an end-product manufacturer orders a Recognized plastic in a custom color, the Recognized plastics ul 746a must stop production, clean the machinery, and proceed with ul 746a special run for the production of this custom-color.

Mechanical strength RTI ormechanical without impact is associated with critical mechanical strength where impact resistance, resilience and flexibility are not essential. IEC Ball Pressure Temperature BP IEC ball pressure temperature, in accordance with IECis expressed as the temperature in degrees C at which a 5-millimeter diameter ball causes a 2-millimeter diameter or less impression on the ul 746a surface.

These small-scale tests measure the propensity of a material to extinguish or spread flames once it becomes ignited.

UL Thermoplastics Testing Center – Comparative Tracking Index (CTI)

Polymeric materials in direct contact ul 746a or in close proximity to overloaded or arcing electrical parts could ignite.

The evaluation of plastic materials may include the determination of material flammability burning characteristicsignition characteristics from various thermal and electrical sources, electrical tracking and additional electrical characteristics, ul 746a analytical tests.

The course materials are in English language.