reward people for advancing in the Career Path and Compensation Plan and contributing The TriVita Affiliate Member Sales and Marketing Plan (TSMP), was. TriVita benefits and perks, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and Stock Options; Equity Incentive Plan; Supplemental Workers’ Compensation. 14 Jan TriVita offers a unique compensation plan that is unlike any other in the industry. What are the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of the plan?.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As well as retail sales profits, every time you refer a new customer who purchases products you will earn a bonus up-front, and then every order they make after that you earn a small commission, for as long as they remain in the company.

View All num of num Close Esc. Not only does TriVita Inc. I believe bits and pieces of many different religions but I do sometimes yearn for the comraderies that you witness in a church community…. I also wonder if the TriVita Wellness Center pushes all of the TriVita products or if they offer other drug therapies and wellness alternatives from what the TriVita mlm offers.

So if you want to make the most of the compensation plan and explode your TriVita business, the key is to learn internet marketing skills. Through his media company, Ellison was able to help non-profits reach out at a global level with his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Well, it is, but it also isn’t. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone. Thanks for reading my mlm reviews blog.

All that aside, the fact that the TriVita distributor can focus on sales volume over recruitment volume is attractive and something I wish most mlms out there would adopt. When other people notice the change in me and start asking questions, Trivita is easy to sell. Ellision media is a huge company in the Christian Media industry that was able to help TriVita acquire over 2 million ways of advertising the TriVita lifestyle, sell over 11 million TriVita products, and much more.

I saw this stated in a research report several years back and have always thought about it from time to time. As with many mlm businessesit is in the weight loss and nutrition products niche. Trivita is not the only company that Ellison is involved in that focuses on a religious affiliation. As with nearly all my mlm reviews, I suggest making sure you absolutely love the product before taking the plunge into a mlm company like TriVita.

The products it sells include nutrition products that help supply the body with its essential ‘building blocks’, targeted nutritional products for things like stamina, energy, pain relief, sleep enhancement, and hormone boosting, as well as a range of weight-loss supplements.

That makes the TriVita Product line alot so much more interesting to me. Free medical, dental, vision benefits.

The TriVita Compensation Plan – How To Make Money With TriVita

Not only can you learn how to build traffic for your mlm company, you learn how to make money in multiple ways without even needing mlm in the first place. Free health and dental, free gym at work, k doesn’t match though.

The Company offered many benefits that were above and beyond what most companies provide, mostly in regards to health benefits. EzinePublisher Report this article Cite this article.

What’s more, if you generate the leads yourself you can be much more fussy about which ones you follow up and which ones you avoid. One of the traits of successful people is that they are balanced in all aspects of their lives including spirituality. I get to leave my day job and make money that can pay off my home loans and so much more. Previous 1 2 Next. Retrieved November 8,from http: It took a few months, but it was worth all the training and time I took to make my mlm experience a great one.

There is no converting of points and not a ton of bonuses to confuse you. All four executive bios mentions their relationship with TriVita wellness and spirituality and it appears that they practice what they preach by living the TriVita lifestyle.

Check out what Brad has to say about mlm. Not a stellar k match plan, continuing education, or professional development programs for employees. Sorry for the book but I thought this needed to be shared. List based on reports from current and former employees.

The TriVita Compensation Plan – How To Make Money With TriVita

No co-pay to see onsite doctors. The Ellision Media Company also appears to be connected to religion and has been around since and has made a huge impact on marketing TriVita INc. I would say if you are a TriVita Product fan and you really enjoy their products, it may be well worth joining in order to make some extra income off of something you will likely be already purchasing and talking about.

Best thing is free healthcare for PPO. A lot of mlm company compensation plans often require more than just an increase in sales volume to advance to the next rank. The TriVita compensation plan is a unilevel structure and pay out according to your rank.

You can also earn bonuses based on the sales of people who have been referred by your downline. Your email address will not be published. If you pay for leads there is no guarantee about how good they are going to be, and whether they will fit into your business. If you have a preferred doctor outside of the Wellness Center it is not free but health insurance may be covered under preferred doctor.

The products are bought and sold through a network of Distributors, who build their own business with the company. Currently at the time of this post Michael Ellison has four major players on the TriVita team which includes himself.

Health Insurance is paid for and is free if you use the Trivita Wellness Center and use their doctors.