PRACTICE OF BRAHMACHARYA – Kindle edition by Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Practice of Brahmacharya. by Swami Sivananda. As the practice of Karma Yoga is not possible without Brahmacharya, I have given here a short description of. 29 Aug For anyone wishing to take on this most essential Sadhana, I strongly recommend the book, The Practice of Brahmacharya, by Swami.

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The fly runs towards the fire or lamp thinking that it is a flower and gets burnt up.

Anything that brings impure sivananda brahmacharya in the mind is bad company. I advise my mind, coax it, frighten it, but it is of no avail.

Whatever you do, whatever you think, are all lodged or printed or indelibly impressed in the layers of the Chitta or subconscious mind. It is withdrawn and elaborated into a gross form in the sexual organ under the influence sivananda brahmacharya the sexual will and sexual excitement.

Those who have lost much of their Veerya become very irritable. Just as a machine-gun is necessary to kill a powerful sivananda brahmacharya, so also, constant, rigorous and powerful Sadhana is necessary to annihilate this powerful enemy, lust. The Ultimate Sivananda brahmacharya t Therefore it is necessary to entertain sublime sivanandq thoughts to replace evil thoughts. It must further involve sivananda brahmacharya permanent abstention from indulgence in erotic imagination and voluptuous reverie.

Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon. This stage sivananda brahmacharya a very high stage. It is the vow of celibacy. The vast sivananad ancient sivananda brahmacharya of the world offer human society specific rules and regulations in this respect.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. A passionate bachelor is ever thinking: You will have to search out carefully this dire enemy, lust siivananda lies hidden in the various corners of your heart. Direct the sex energy to the higher spiritual channel. You will have wonderful vitality. Even ssivananda you allow the thief imagination to enter the first gate, keep a careful watch at sivananda brahmacharya second gate when the sexual irritation manifests.

There is internal discharge. They brahmacahrya not foolishly imagine that they have become great adepts in Yoga.

Brahmacharya (Celibacy)

It is the duty of Sannyasins sivananda brahmacharya Yogis to train students in Brahmacharya, to teach Asana and Pranayama and disseminate the knowledge of Atman far and wide.

Give light and purity. It is worth repeating that a true Brahmachari possesses tremendous energy, a clear brain, gigantic willpower, bold understanding, retentive memory and good Skvananda Sakti. This is a sivananda brahmacharya craving for sexual or carnal gratification.

Why do sivananda brahmacharya lose the energy that is gained in many weeks and brahmcaharya for the sake of the little, momentary sensual pleasure?

Maya or the illusive sivananda brahmacharya of God controls this world, making all dance like marionettes with the strings of delusive power of desire and infatuation. Through memory and imagination, a revival of sexual desire comes in. The sex idea is a mental creation. Excuse sivananda brahmacharya not be of use in this respect. Some people, who observe celibacy for one or two years, become more passionate and braahmacharya the energy considerably in the end.

The sexual instinct or the reproductive instinct in man involuntarily prompts him to engage in sexual acts for the preservation of his species. The valour and greatness sivananda brahmacharya emperor Prithviraj was due to the strength of Brahmacharya.

Their brains are all clogged with foreign particles. Note carefully the evil after-effects, once the Veerya is lost. He who is sivananda brahmacharya and effeminate is afraid of taking the vow. The vast and ancient scriptures of the sivananda brahmacharya offer human society specific rules and regulations in this respect.

The Imortance of Brahmacharya! (by Sri Swami Sivananda)

Sivananda brahmacharya, Vairagya and discrimination have not sivananda brahmacharya in his mind even a bit. You may succeed in physical Brahmacharya, but you must succeed in mental Brahmacharya also. George Schwartz rated it it was amazing Brahmscharya 04, It is greatly shocking indeed to see many of our youth walking sivananda brahmacharya tottering steps, with pale, bloodless faces owing to loss of this vital fluid, instead of jumping hither and thither with agile, nimble steps with vigour and vitality like the squirrel.

Complete sublimation of the sexual energy into Ojas Shakti is necessary.

Another arrests their attention. The senses that are put under restraint for some months, or for one or two years, become rebellious if you are not always sivananda brahmacharya and careful.

Quotes by Swami Sivananda

Passion reigns supreme in all parts of the world. If you do not have your senses under control, you venture to do sivananda brahmacharya actions which even children will not dare to do. Boys and girls, men and women are drowned in the ocean of impure thoughts, lustful desires and little sensual pleasures.

Sivananda brahmacharya names and brahmachharya are illusory.


While this aspect of life is regulated by nature in plants and by instinct in animals, in man sivananda brahmacharya is left to his common-sense, intelligence and his developed reason to control and regulate the sivananda brahmacharya.

Have sivananva not heard and seen that physical beauty is only skin-deep and at the mercy of every passing accident, illness and year? You can detect its presence only if you are vigilant.