collection of land revenue, preparation of land records and other jurisdiction under Section of the Punjab Land Revenue Act, to decide. Get this from a library! The Sindh Land Revenue Act, & Sindh Land revenue rules as applicable to the Province of Sindh, amended up to date. [Nazar. 15 Jul PAS/Legis-B/ The Sindh Land Revenue (Amendment) Bill, In the Sind Land Revenue Act,, hereinafter referred to as the.

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Presumption as to ownership of forests quarries and waste lands. Inquiries under the Act to be deemed judicial sindh land revenue act 1967 —. If an arbitrator nominated by a party dies, desires to be discharged, or refuses or becomes incapable to act, the party may nominate another person in his stead. The appointment of all officers under this Chapter shall be by notification.

Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Provided that the employment of an authorized agent or legal practitioner shall not excuse the personal attendance of a party to any case in which personal attendance is specially required by an order of sindh land revenue act 1967 Revenue Officer. When any order has been made under sub-section 2 of sectionthe land ac, or any of them in whom, but for such order, the rights in the sindh land revenue act 1967 specified therein would vest, may apply in sibdh to the Collector to forthwith transfer the rights the transfer of which has been suspended by such order, upon payment of compensation for the same.

Provided that no order shall be passed under sindh land revenue act 1967 section reversing or modifying any proceedings or order of a subordinate Revenue Officer affecting any person without sindh land revenue act 1967 such person an opportunity of being heard. Ach a review Rate this item: Power to make rule.

Report ladn sale to Commissioner. Provided that no interests sinvh those of the defaulter alone shall be so proceeded against, and no encumbrances created, grants made or contracts entered into by him in good faith shall be rendered invalid by reason only of his interests being proceeded against. Please enter the message. If at any time before the bidding at an auction is completed, the defaulter or any other person having interest in the land or in immovable property pays the arrear in respect of which the property has been proclaimed for.

Assessment to remain in force till enforcement of lad assessment. Summons to be in writing signed and sealed. Government shall pay, or cause to be paid, to that person compensation for the infringement. Arrest and detention of defaulter.

Maps and land record open to inspection etc. In every case in which, under the provisions of sectionor sections andor sindh land revenue act 1967 proprietary or other rights in land are transferred from the land owners, and other right-holders of any one sindh land revenue act 1967 to the land owners of any other deh such rights shall be subject to all the incidents of tenure and liabilities which, under any law or custom for the time being in force, apply to the rights of the land owners of the deh to which such rights are so transferred.

Costs recoverable as part of arrear. Government or the Board of Revenue with the approval of Government may, for the guidance of Revenue Officers, from time to time, issue executive instructions relating to all matters to which the provisions of this Chapter apply; provided that such instructions shall be consistent with the provisions of this Act and the rules made thereunder.

The Board of Revenue may, with the previous approval of Government, make rules for determining the costs of partitions under this Chapter and the mode in which such costs are to be apportioned. It shall be lawful for any Revenue Officer, and any person acting, sindh land revenue act 1967 the orders of a Revenue Officer, at sindh land revenue act 1967 time to enter, when necessary for the purpose of measurement, demarcation, fixation or inspection of boundaries or boundary marks, classification of soil or assessment, or for any other purpose connected with the lawful exercise of his office under the provisions of this Act, or any other law for the time being in force relating to land-revenue, upon any lands or premises, whether belonging to Government or to private individuals.

Mode of service of summons —.

Deposit by purchaser in case of sale of immovable property. You may have already requested this item. Please enter your name.

Land Revenue Laws

Redistribution of land according to custom. Clerical or arithmetical mistakes in any decree, or order made by Revenue Officer, or errors therein pand any accidental slip or omission may, at any time, be corrected by such sindh land revenue act 1967. Provided further that any order passed in revision under this section shall not be called in question on an application of the party affected by sinch order. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

If the land-revenue is assessed as a fixed annual charge, the amount thereof, and if it is assessed in the form of prescribed rate, the average amount which, according to an estimate in writing approved by Government or the Board of Revenue, as the case may be, sinrh be leviable annually, shall not, in the case of an assessment circle, exceed one-fourth of the estimated money-value of the net assets of such assessment circle.

In any of the following cases, namely: Suit for declaratory decrees by persons aggrieved by an entry in sindh land revenue act 1967 record.