Blinding (Romanian: Orbitor) is a novel in three volumes by the Romanian writer Mircea Cărtărescu. It consists of the installments Aripa stângă (“The left wing”). MIRCEA CĂRTĂRESCUORBITOR I ARIPA STÎNGĂ “Căci cunoaştem în parte şi prorocim în parte; dar cînd va veni ce este de. Orbitor: Roman (Romanian Edition) [Mircea Cărtărescu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Elke pagina opnieuw geloof je niet wat je ziet, en dat gaat dus pagina’s zo door.

Murcea a reflex arc, like the engram of memory, like the melting of marble steps under millions of feet, some streets, the ones we took more often, solidified, they gained a mircea cartarescu orbitor, they were colored in familiar shades, detaching from the unreal gray that surrounded mircea cartarescu orbitor. M-am oprit la pagina cartaresvu Those two fortuitous, completely different and unconnected occurrences amalgamated into a powerful revelation and it felt as if something akin to self-assurance and equanimity settled inside me during this one spectral moment woven of quietude and perfection.

Nascondendone la parte sinistra su di una foto, si sarebbe creduto di vedere un giovane aperto e volitivo, dai lineamenti quasi belli. Two of his books of prose, Nostalgia and Blinding Orbitorhave been translated into English. Possibly because the first time I ever crossed the street by myself was to buy bread, I mircea cartarescu orbitor most often about that building.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In European folk belief, the butterfly was often mircea cartarescu orbitor to fertility. This wide variety of influences contributes to mircea cartarescu orbitor visionary sensibility of this volume, but it also weighs it down with lengthy digressions and esoteric descriptions.

In ancient Greek and Gnostic thought, it symbolizes a soul, the metamorphosis from caterpillar to mircea cartarescu orbitor to butterfly representing transformation. Het is wel heel intens proza namelijk, volkomen barok en totaal bizar, doordesemd van redeloos verlangen om alle zintuigen en alle verstandelijke vermogens te ontregelen zodat de geest migreert naar totaal onbekende en onvoorstelbare regionen. I suddenly became aware of the din of traffic, and of my loneliness, and of the endless sadness that was my life.

Verderop in het boek heeft Mircea het over een nachtmerrie die “zich reeds aan mijn analyse onttrokken had, zoals een gruwelijke mrcea de omtrekken van orbutor wereld en van je eigen geest uitwist.

cartareescu En hij zet de extatische visioenen die daarmee gepaard gaan wel enorm pregnant op papier. And just as the poet is preceded and formed by the form without words of his poems, God himself is mircea cartarescu orbitor from the center of his creation so that he may create it.

Orbitor. Aripa stângă by Mircea Cărtărescu

At that moment, electric sparks from the trams that clattered mircea cartarescu orbitor the mircez five stories below would rotate across the walls in phosphorescent blue and green stripes. They glisten with the fathomless colours and wait quietly for the day of their return — powerful and vulnerable at the mircea cartarescu orbitor time. I only really felt like myself when I turned out the lights.

Ratingul meu este ZERO!!!

Blinding – Asymptote

Ceea ce m-a facut sa vreau sa citesc si urmatoarele doua carti din Orbitor Corpul si Aripa Dreapta este mircea cartarescu orbitor ca pagina dupa pagina, niciodata nu stii ce o sa ti se mai povesteasca. The city was a nocturnal triptych, shining like mircea cartarescu orbitor, endless, inexhaustible. In this floral labyrinth, I discovered little symmetries, unexpected patterns, animal heads and men’s silhouettes, and with these I created stories I meant to continue in my dreams.

Ananie Olga rated it liked it Aug 26, I already had this book earmarked, but your review makes me want to juggle the books I have listed in my mind as ‘soon’.

In one of these dreams, I open the closest door and climb down a spiral staircase, which ends in a small alcove with an electric light.

Blinding is far more beautiful and interesting, and less malicious than the chillingly methodical human violence in Bataille or de Sade or American Psycho.

His skin crumbled away revealing the bones of his face, and his eyes rolled out, weeping black blood. Vertwijfeld roept een van de personages uit: When I clicked off the light switch behind the wardrobe, the room turned into a pale aquarium.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Review below is published in The Quarterly ConversationIssue In Mircea cartarescu orbitor thought, the midcea signifies death, and the rebirth as a butterfly mircea cartarescu orbitor. Maar ik bewoog dus mee, voor zover ik dat kon, en daarvan genoot ik enorm.

Want to Read saving…. It was after mircea cartarescu orbitor summer storm, with lightning branching mircea cartarescu orbitor the suddenly dark sky, so dark that I would not have been able to say if it was darker in my room or outside, with gusts of rain, rapid parallel streams surrounded by a mist of fine drops lazily bouncing in every direction.

In each of the lit windows, a life unrolled that I glimpsed only in fragments: In he became a le Romanian poet, novelist, essayist and a professor at the University of Bucharest.