22 Mar Navratri puja is most popular Indian festival in which Nav Durga Puja is done at every home. Nav Durga Puja is worship of 9 forms of Durga. 18 Mar Navratri Puja with Ghat Sthapana is the biggest popular festival of India. Navratri Puja continues for 9 days. Learn Navratri puja vidhi. 19 Mar Navratri puja vidhi – Nava means nine and ratri means night so navratri means nine nights, and it tenth day is known as dashmi and is.

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Brahmacharini puja – Navratri Day 2. During Navratri, do worship with full devotion and love in the feet of Mother Goddess. Sit peacefully near the chowki.

Durga Puja Vidhi | Shodashopachara Durga Puja during Navratri

Roli, paan, moli, rice, beetlenut suparipanchpatra. Now invoke Goddess Durga in idol or photo. Goddess Kushmanda is Mother of Sun.

Hence after Durga Puja, girls are invited for the sumptuous meal and offered Dakshina i. Nava means nine and ratri means night so navratri means nine nights, and it tenth day is known as dashmi durga puja vidhi in is also known as vijaydashmi. Suraasampoornam kalasham rudhiraaplutamev cha dahdana hastpadmaabhyaam kushmanda shubhdasstu me.

Kalratri Puja on Seventh Day of Navratri: Are you surrounded by negative energy?? Now perform Goddess Durga Aarti after chanting following Mantra. durga puja vidhi in

Mantra of worship of Shailputri Devi are: Offer mithayi sweetsNariyal coconut and fruits. She has a trident in her one hand and varmudra in other hand. Fill three-fourth durga puja vidhi in the kalashwith Ganga Jal holy water and place a Supari betel nuta flower Phool and some Chawal rice in it.

I request you to go back to your home and come again duurga we pray. Navratri Puja Vidhi Navratri puja is one of the most popular pujas done by Hindu households.

Following the puja, invite small girls in a group for partaking food at your home. Roli for Tilak 9.

First durga puja vidhi in of Navratri Puja is Ghata Sthapana. Her head is adorned with half-moon. Now offer Dakshina gift to Goddess Durga while chanting following Mantra. Her face is white like moon. Materials required for Navratri Puja Picture or idol of Maa Durgaa, a clay pot with fertile soil for sowing seeds, barley seeds, water, kalash, coconut, a piece of red cloth, a bunch of mango leaves, flowers, coin, altar for the idol or picture, red cloth vjdhi spread on the altar, sacred thread, raw rice, fragrances, flowers, incense sticks, clay lamp with ghee and wicks, dishes to offer, camphor, matchbox, puja plate, roli for tilak, bell, kutu flour, chana, wheat flour, sugar, ghee, potato and fruits.

Her forehead is bedecked with the crescent moon resembling the shape of ghanata vivhi is why she is also known as Maa Chandraghanata. Kanya Puja is also significant during Durga Puja. Siddhidatri Mantra for worship during Navratri is: Invocation for Navratri Puja Light durga puja vidhi in lamp and durga puja vidhi in sticks.

Navratri Puja Vidhi – Nav Durga Puja With Mantra For Navratri

You can celebrate Navratri puja at your home with your family. Mantra for worship of Mahagauri durga puja vidhi in Navratri is:. Offer these five things to deities present in Ghat. Near this chowki put the clay pot to sow barley seeds. After Padya offering, scented water is offered to Goddess Durga while chanting the following Mantra. Purity is depicted in this form of Maa Durga. Which means, I worship Goddess Shailputri to fulfill my wishes, who is adorned with half durga puja vidhi in on her head, rides on a bull, carry a trident and is illustrious.