Where did the Desertec project go wrong, and can desert solar power yet play a role in a democratic and sustainable future? If you use social. Critics of Desertec questioned the viability of a project to generate GW by at a cost of € billion, and doubts multiplied when. asks, “Where did the Desertec project go wrong, and can desert solar power still play a role in a democratic and sustainable future?” If you use social media, you.

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Wangui Kimari makes the case that the youth discourse in Africa has patronizing, colonialist tones. The political strain showed through last week after plans to ink a deal on three Moroccan solar power plants — part of a Desertec pilot project — fell through when Spain unexpectedly did not show up at the signing.

The project has failed to break ground on a single power plant. Military fatigues and floral scarves. Somalia today is more like deesertec political marketplace than a modern nation-state, writes Claire Elder. According to May, an area of 3. We abandoned that one-dimensional thinking. Ruby Diamonde travels to the bush in search of an answer to a difficult question.

For some people, the shrinking of Dii signalled the demise of Desertec. Generating so much of the electricity consumed in Europe and in Africa would create a political dependency on North African countries which had corruption before Arab Spring and a lack of cross-border coordination.

To come back to the Arab uprisings, Desertec presented itself as a possible way out of the crisisby bringing new opportunities to the region. And the renuable energy technology is not monopolized and is readily available to willing users. They deaertec a wide range of major impact factors on the attractiveness of power system integration.

For the sake of clarity, it is worth differentiating between the Desertec Foundation and the Desertec Industrial Initiative. Femke Wijdekop peoject the case for Desrrtec to become a crime under international law.

Finally, energy policy and security policy tend to go hand in hand. The aim is to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in Asia to provide secure and sustainable alternatives to fossil and nuclear power. Retrieved on 4 August Support the website with a monthly donation.

It is a non-profit organisation based in Hamburg. Big Davids, small Goliaths.

Desertec – Wikipedia

A plan to power Europe from Saharan solar plants seems to have stalled, but several large North African solar projects are still going ahead despite local concerns. We have a lot of companies in our network. This is even more important when we desertrc about the issue in the context of the Arab Uprisings and the demands of the revolutions: So a stronger match-up between Desertec — or the Desertec partners — should not be ruled out.

Should Britain leave the European Union? Electrical power is produced when the concentrated light is converted to heat, which drives a heat engine usually a steam turbine connected to an electrical power generator.

Desertec: What Went Wrong?

This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat Retrieved 15 July That’s called facing reality. Morocco, being the largest energy importer in North Africa, is making concerted efforts to reduce its reliance on imported fossil fuels.

As recently as three years ago, many thought that it was only a matter of time before solar thermal plants in North Dfsertec supplied a significant portion of Europe’s energy needs. Being an apolitical techno-fix, it promises to overcome these problems without fundamental change, basically maintaining the status quo and the contradictions of the global system that led to these crises in the first place.

This means that solar thermal power plants in the desert regions are more economical than the same kinds of plants in southern Europe.

But essentially both are raw resources that go at low prices to rich former colonialist countries, where they create wealth. The Desertec project envisions a significant portion of Europe’s drsertec coming from solar thermal plants like this one. In our perspective the key to decarbonize the world and fight global warming is the desert — in only six hours deserts receive as much energy from the sun as humankind consumes in a whole year.

This has been a major failing of the Desertec desertev. However, in the absence of democratic control, transparency and citizen participation in decision making in the MENA region, those criteria will remain ink on paper.

Retrieved 24 September Where will the water come from that will cool the solar power plants? The film is fused on top of the solar panels and the nano-dentrite structure makes that sand, water, salt, bacteria, molds, etc. Projeft argues that an area of kilometres x kilometres the biggest box on the image proect be enough to meet the total electricity demand of the world. Demand in Africa already exceeds supply.

He explains how he is using this to pursue the The winds blow nearly constantly over the desert and there are generally no windless days during throughout the year. Though energy is in demand in North Africa and the Middle East, the money is often not there to support major renewable energy projects.

The non-profit Desertec Foundation was founded in January by a network of scientists, politicians and economists from around the Mediterranean. Spanish lines would need to be strengthened, with a view to moving excess electricity to France. Retrieved 22 May But this strategy was put into question in November last year when two major investors, Siemens and Bosch, pulled out projeect the project.