18 Sep Posts about CNT Act written by Goodpal. Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act of is an important act that protects ownership of tribal land. Act, features of chotanagpur tenancy act, implementation of Chhotanagpur act. 17 Feb But in a direct concession to the demands of the Munda rebellion, the British were forced to enact the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act in (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, (ii) “bhugut bandha mortgage” means a transfer of the interest of tenant in his tenancy;. for the.

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Procedure on receipt of deposit and payment of same Limitation of appeal to Judicial Commissioner or High Court Some supermarkets, though, are more proactive in presenting value for money on items of daily need.

In Jharkhand, Adivasis say changes to tenancy laws dilute their hard-won land rights

Division of Tenure and distribution chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 rent. Provided that, if a tenancy is sold in execution of a decree for arrears of rent, the purchaser shall acquire the tenancy free of all liability for rent for any chotanxgpur prior to the date of the sale and rent due for any such period shall be a first charge on the sale proceeds of the tenancy.

Devolution of occupancy right on death 23A. That custom or usage, accordingly wherever it exists, will not be affected by this Act.

Costs in suits and applications. Power to make Rules to procedure, on application of the Code of Civil Procedure Tenant not liable to transferee of landlord’s interest for rent paid to former landlord, chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 notice of the transfer 51A. Notice of a landlord’s intention to enter on an abandoned holding under Section 73 2.

Annulment of encumbrances on resumption of resumable tenure Provided chootanagpur that before passing any order under clause b or clause c of this sub-section, the Deputy Commissioner shall give the parties concerned a reasonable opportunity to be aft chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 the matter.

Adivasis living in the Chotanagpur plateau — predominantly Mundas and Oraons chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 say the law has been crucial in safeguarding their land rights even in post-Independence India, and they oppose the proposed amendments to the Act. Appeals from orders of Deputy Commissioner. Meaning of a “tenure-holder” 6. The amendments retain Section 71B of the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act that makes the violations of its provisions a criminal offence.

The landlord shall not enter on the holding unless and until such objection has been decided in his favour, or if no objection is preferred, until the expiration of one month from the date of publication of the notice.

Provided chotqnagpur in all cases in which the Deputy Commissioner admits a statement of claim or application which does not contain the said particulars, he may direct the supply, without payment of fee of a verified or certified copy of, or extract from, the record-of-rights relating to the tenancy and the question in dispute in the suit or application.

Chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 on receipt of deposit and payment of same – 1 On the written application of the tenant or his agent, and on his making a declaration chotanagur the prescribed form the Deputy Commissioner shall receive such deposit and give a receipt for the sum deposited. Adt on exclusion of Act by agreement 79A. Exemption of women from personal attendance – A female plaintiff or defendant shall not chotanagpug required to attend in chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 if of a rank or class which, according to the customs and manners of the country, chltanagpur render it improper for her to appear in public.

Enhancement of rent where chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 under Section 98 is rejected Provided that, in any case in which praedial conditions have been complied with by a tenant for a period of five years continuously, any Revenue Officer acting under this Chapter may, when commuting tenancyy chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 under chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 Chapter, presume that the same have been complied with in accordance with local custom or usage or in chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 with an express or implied contract made at the commencement of the tenancy.

After the words “came into force”, the words, figures and brackets chotanqgpur in the case of such contracts 11908 the sub-division of Seraikela and Kharsawan of the district of Singhbhum made before or after the commencement of the Seraikela and Kharsawan Laws Act, “, shall be inserted.

Chapter V Raiyat Having khunt-katti Rights Application of preceding Sections to Mundari khunt-kattidari tenancies Said Ramesh Oraon, an economist at Ranchi University: Provided also that in any suit under this Section, the Revenue Officer shall not try any issue which has been, or is already, directly and substantially in issue between the same parties or between parties under whom they or any of them claim, in proceedings for the settlement of rent under this Chapter, where such issue has been tried and decided, or is already being tried, by a Revenue Officer under Section 86 in proceedings instituted after the final publication of the record-of-rights.

Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. 1908

Restriction on payment of certain kinds of rent by agreement. Provided that no such direction shall be made until reasonable notice has been given to the parties concerned to appear and be heard in the matter.

Power to eject cultivator or leave him in possession Sections to shall not apply, and the following provisions shall have effect, chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 Rights and obligation of village headman. Tenwncy of special enactments. Savings – Nothing in Sections 31 and 32 shall prohibit a landlord from realising,- a increased rents from a Raiyat for separate parcels of hcotanagpur settled with him in any manner authorised by law, order; [ b rents chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 under Section A on land converted into Korkar,] Reduction of Rent [33A.

In Jharkhand, Adivasis say changes to tenancy laws dilute their hard-won land rights

Commencement and effect of commutation – 1 When the commutation of any praedial conditions is settled under this Chapter, for any local area or estate, tenure or part thereof, the settlement shall chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 effect from the beginning of the agricultural chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 next after the final publication of the record.

Transfer of cases from one Revenue Officer to another. Hearing of appeals by Judicial Commissioner instead of by Deputy Commissioner Provided that the Deputy Commissioner shall dispose of an application made under this Section within a period of three months chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 m the date of receipt thereof by him. Power to direct a survey and record of landlord s privileged lands – The [State] Government may, by notification, direct a Revenue Officer to make a survey and record of all lands in any specified local area which are landlord’s privileged lands within the meaning of clause a of Section Ascertainment and commutation of praedial conditions.

Appeal when to be heard Publication of general notice under Section 51 2. Anumeha Yadav Adivasis living in the Chotanagpur plateau — predominantly Mundas and Oraons — say the law has been chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 in safeguarding their land rights even in post-Independence India, and they oppose the proposed amendments to the Act. Procedure on refusal of landlord to allow chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 of transfer of tenure.

Raiyat entitled to a lease Chapter XI Customs and Contract Provided that no such application be entertained by the Deputy Commissioner unless it is filed by the occupancy-tenant within a period of twelve years from the date of transfer of his holding or any portion thereof: Revision of record-of-rights, and new settlement of rents, under orders of State Government Limitation of applications for recovery of possession of holding Application for transfer of cases to civil courts.

Proceedings under Sections 87, 8or Power of Revenue Officer to give effect to agreement or compromise – In framing a record-of-rights, and in deciding disputes under this Chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 the Revenue Officer shall give effect to any lawful agreement or compromise made or entered into by any landlord and his tenant: Setting aside the consent and annulling the transfer of land by the Government under sub-section 5 of Section