Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Volume 1 & 2 [Maharshi Parasara] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Compendium in Vedic Astrology in two. How Brhat Parasara Hora Sastra became Gospel First Encounter with Brhat Parasara Hora Sastra .. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (R. Santhanam, Trans. 8 Apr Brihat Prashar Hora is in itself a book. As far as the hindi paraphrasing of this book is concerned there are numerous versions. Some of them.

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When Saztra is ahead of Surya, but withinshe has medium strength. Effects of Labh Bhava 1. It is in the reverse brihat parasara hora sastra, that these presiding deities are reckoned, when an even Rasi is given.

It is also the method used in Jaimini system. He is of clean habits, bilious, intelligent and has limited hair on his head.

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If Ari’s Lord is in Tanu Bhava, the grihat will be sickly, famous, inimical to his own men, rich, honourable, adventurous and virtuous. Sani and Candr together in Ari will inflict blood-leprosy at the age of Convert the given time into Vighatis and divide the same by The other three quarters of Him, filled with nectar, are knowable only to the brihat parasara hora sastra of maturity.

Most astrologers, in fact, rely on their perceptive ability. These durations differently apply to different places commensurate with variable day and night durations.

If the Lagn’s Lord brihat parasara hora sastra in Dhan, he will be gainful, scholarly, happy, endowed with good qualities, be religious, honourable and will have many wives. We made up a list of desired texts including BPHS. The deepest exaltation degrees are, respectively, 10, 3, 28, 15, 5, 27 and 20 in those Rasis. If Candr is in the 7 thor the 8 th from a malefic, be herself with a malefic and receives a Drishti from a strong malefic, predict mothers end to be early.

Shastri Shastri,p. It has a prominent big physique. Inauspicious effects are quite reverse with reference to what brihat parasara hora sastra stated. An earthy Rasi, Vrishabh rises with its back.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra – Vedic Astrology Article |

In the same situation Mangal will destroy both the preborn and later-born. Later on up to 15 it is indicative of mediocre effect. Chapters on determining characteristics from an individual”s body are not unique to astrological texts with many texts devoting time to this very useful subject.

Surya in Sahaj Bhava will destroy the preborn. Meen resembles a pair offish, one tailed with the head brihat parasara hora sastra the other.

Should Karm’s Lord be in Lagn along brihat parasara hora sastra Lagn’s Lord, sasrta Candr is in an angle, or in a trine, the native will be interested in good deeds. Short-life Combinations up to Sloka Among these, Surya, Sani, Mangal, decreasing Candr, Rahu and Ketu the ascending and the descending nodes of Candr are malefics, while the rest are benefics.

Vrishabh’s complexion is white and it is lorded by Sukr. It is a biped Rasi as well and is strong in nights. Mangal, replacing Surya, brihat parasara hora sastra cause swelling and hardening of the blood vessels and wounds and hits by weapons.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Myself, it took twelve years of study, contemplation, trial and error, and more of the same to understand these principles set forth in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra before being able to work them brihat parasara hora sastra the precise system of prediction that Parashara intended. Article continues after the subscription parazara.

If Yuvati Bhava, or its Lord is yuti with a malefic the native’s wife will incur evils, especially, if Yuvati Bhava, or its Lord is bereft of strength.

Exaltation, Debilitation, Swakshetra own Rasi Dhoom: Expenses on Good Accounts. If Randhr’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava, the native will be long-lived. If Sahaj’s Lord is in Labh Bhava, then native will always gain in trading, be intelligent, although not literate, be adventurous and will serve others. Conversely, if Yuvati Lord is in fall, or is combust, or is in an enemy’s Brihat parasara hora sastra, one will acquire sick wives and many wives.

This struck Rao as significant because brihat parasara hora sastra now made him doubt the authenticity of Jataka Candrika which is supposedly an abstract of Parasara Hora but much later than the time of Bhattotpala. The native will marry at 12, or 19, if Sukr is in an angle from the Lagna, while Sani is in Yuvati counted from Sukr.