Afterlight is the follow up to Alex Scarrow’s novel Last Light, in which a deliberately engineered crash in the global oil supply triggers the. But I did enjoy Alex Scarrow’s LAST LIGHT, which depicts the crumbling of civilisation due to a worldwide and near-complete loss of access to. Notable works, Last Light, TimeRiders. Partner, Debbie Chaffey. Children, Jacob Scarrow, his son. Relatives, Simon Scarrow. Website. Alex Scarrow (born 14 February ) is a British author most well-known for his young adult.

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Did all the survivors pool their cocaine together? In fact, I would have thought the daughter, with what she did in Last Light, would have been more likely to have lead the oil rig community rather than the mother!! Paperbackpages. Post apocalyptic thriller – set after the collapse of the oil industry – Afterlife is the follow on from an earlier work called Last Light which I have not read.

Still I enjoyed the whole story an I am now starting on October Skies, the book that Alex Scarrow mentions in the authors notes.

Alex Scarrow is planning to span the TimeRiders series over 9 books in total. Alwx in all I enjoyed this, far more than I thought I would when I started it.

With a large stockpile of emergency rations this group has not apex the pressing necessity to become self-sustaining, although an attempt has been made. January 19, at 2: Description Civilisation is gone.

Esta segunda nos trae una aventura trepidante y la esperanza de un nuevo futuro. To ask other readers questions about Afterlightplease sign up. Some of the younger characters venture onto the mainland and meet up with a corrupt settlement in London. Making me wonder how I would behave, long after I finished reading. Again the Sutherlands find themselves separated in a moment of crisis triggered by a tragedy.

She is beaten horrendously and nearly raped she isn’t, of course, because nice girls aren’t. Valerie Latoc – Nominee for the ‘most obvious bad guy’ award – the second hes introduced, its obvious that he’ll try and take over and probably kill someone to do it.

Afterlight (Unabridged)

Dec 23, Iona rated it it was amazing. Along the way we have a few surprises, a somewhat abrupt ending and a few “huh? Search this blog Search for: Now, only two remain. And that, happens in this book through Valerie Latoc! Jan 06, Dave Farmer rated it liked it Shelves: And that, happens through Alice.

In fact, I think this second book is actually better than the first, scarrow is fairly unusual as these things go Between them, they depict such a alez scenario, I personally believe it’s the most likely potential apocalyptic event at this point in time I understand it is used to illustrate a point, that of men being dominant over women, using them as objects etc, but it felt forced to the point of “oh, just stop going on and on about rape and docile women and get on with the story!

So the Belgian paedophile kills Leona’s daughter. However, surely I have reasons for saying that this book is good even though the author killed my favourite character, in a mean way! But it’s so much more than just a good story with good knowledge suffusing it! When we last saw our heroine Ecarrow, she had narrowly escaped being murdered by a shadowy Illuminati-style cabal of political lizards responsible for everything from the American Revolution to the rise of Hitler to me bruising my hip on a table this morning.

And afferlight importantly how easily it can all be lost.

Afterlight (Last Light, #2) by Alex Scarrow

There’s a really unpleasant undercurrent here: This is a very negative portrayal of human nature. Last Light was a fast paced thriller as the central characters fought to get back home, fought to find lost family members and zlex to stay alive.

Want to Read saving…. The story is mainly focussed on the United Kingdom and in flashbacks shows us how the first days after the crisis were filled with riots and parties and everybody taking whatever they could get their hands on for themselves and if necessary and sometimes even when not killing other people scarrrow the way.

So she and her brother abandon Mum and head off to London, where Jacob hopes to find a working streetlamp??? Afterlight is not the type of book I sxarrow normally pick up but I’m glad I got a chance to read it as it was immensely gripping and scarily realistic.

Jenny Sutherland becomes a man-hating dictator aboard the oil rig after possibly being raped by roving scavengers on land – such a tremendously unlikable character that I was willing her death from scene 1. Afterlight is different as it looks at things from a realistic point of view, this is evident in the research the author has done.

Now we have a whole gang of urban youths – mostly black – who have all adopted rap names for themselves: We have been warned! How did they get to the gas platforms? I may revisit this book at a later date, but that would be through obligation rather than desire.

The characters have flaws, even the good guys don’t always get it right, and the bad guys have reasons for their behaviour. Published by Orion first published